Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza

Ignatius Piazza Inspires New TV Show

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, America's largest gun training school, was featured in an article in the Pajaronian. In it, he described his newest addition to Front Sight: ‘The Front Sight Challenge', a reality television show pitting civilians versus law enforcement officers.

According to the Pajaronian, "Challenge" was filmed over the summer at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute's facility near Las Vegas. While many of the organization's trainees are law enforcement personnel or professional soldiers looking for an extra edge, a good number are average citizens interested in self defense training and better understanding of dangerous situations. It was that ratio that was one of the main factors in Piazza's decision to start the show, he said. Another was what he sees as most people's misunderstanding of combat shooting.

"Though I always owned firearms and shot them regularly at the range, I was never taught the skills required to use a gun when it is needed most — to defend one's life," he said. "Those are entirely different skills. Regardless of what the unenlightened may say, you are the weapon and your firearm is just a tool."

"We thought it would be interesting to see what happened if we put private citizens who'd only been through Front Sight training up against other shooters — cops and military people," he said. "It was definitely an interesting mix. We were surprised at how much interest we got."

Always the salesman, Dr. Piazza is certain that the publicity from the show will be more than plenty to show America that even though civilians are getting pitted against veteran law enforcement officers, Front Sight's gun training keeps civilians right along side, and sometimes ahead, of the men and women in blue.

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