Front Sight

Handgun Training Helps Civilians In TV Battle Against Cops

Front Sight's handgun training has, for years, been known to be superior to all other shooting schools in America and most of the handgun training available at police academies and military training camps. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, decided that he wanted to test that fact: that Front Sight's handgun training was superior to most of the men and women in blue's training. But he didn't want to stop at just handgun training, he decided to open it up to all firearms training.

He therefore started the "Front Sight Challenge". Featured in the Pajaronian, the ‘Challenge' puts civilians trained at Front Sight right up against law enforcement officers. According to the Pajaronian, in the history of reality television "smackdowns", it's likely that very few have been quite as decisive or exciting as the one delivered by Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Deputy Greg Amundson, who shot an opponent in the chest with a Glock 19 handgun. The Glock was, of course, loaded with paint bullets – not lethal.

"They give you a weapon that fires paintballs and send you into a house to search for each other," Amundson said to the Pajaronian. "The idea was to shoot the other guy before he shoots you. It turned out I shot him first."

According to the Pajaronian, Deputy Amundson, who competed in the handgun division on the show, said the Front Sight students he met were surprisingly good. He said he was impressed when the first contestant to be eliminated was not one of Piazza's gunslinging hobbyists but a longtime New York police officer.

"The first event was a static shot from 15 meters with the Glock 19," he said. "Then the "Run and Gun,' where you ran through sort of a ravine and shot these steel targets." Both of those events were scored on speed and accuracy, with the lowest scorer getting sent home, he said. "Then 'Do or Die,' which was in the 'kill house' between me and the last guy, who was from Front Sight. He was definitely very well trained."

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