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Got Firearms Training?

America is in a bad way. Firearms, firearms training, guns and gun training have never been so ostracized and hated as they are in today’s mainstream media and middle-class thought. While it’s always been a well-known fact that the average middle-class American is frightened unto death of firearms, it should be an equally well known fact that no one needs to be.

Firearms are not scary. Front Sight would agree, as would Dr. Ignatius Piazza. Dr. Piazza is the founder and director of Front Sight, America’s largest gun training school in America. Currently, Front Sight delivers firearms training to more students than all other gun training schools in America combined. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is equally certified. He is a Four Weapons Combat Master, a firearms training certification that is unrivaled in difficulty or in prestige. At the time of his attaining the illustrious title, only one man in the world had ever gained the title – despite it having been published for twelve years.

But Dr. Piazza wasn’t always a firearms training guru. In fact, his early life would never have led to it had he not been the victim of a drive-by shooting in his Santa Cruz neighborhood. Ignatius Piazza was a practicing chiropractor and respected physician for years before he decided to become a firearms training instructor. He never foresaw himself becoming America’s authority on gun training, or any sort of training.

He did found Front Sight however, after receiving years and thousands of hours of training. Now, he has led Front Sight to the top of the industry. And from there, he hopes to dispel fears about firearms and firearms training.

Because the fact of the matter is this: while it was common in America’s past to be trained with guns because of their practical use (on homesteads in the prairies, for hunting in the forests, etc.), today guns have become either recreational, military or illegal. Gone is the idea that guns – or even weapons – are something that every law-abiding citizen should be trained in and capable with. We have reached an unprecedented epoch where seeing someone with a gun – or weapon of any kind – instills a sense of fear or panic in the general public. In America’s past, it was common to see a man walking through town with a sword or pistol on his hip or a rifle in his hand. Today, such a thing would incite a panic.

Dr. Piazza hopes to change America’s mind, and convince them that “Any gun will do – if you will do!”

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